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List of Hammond organs

Voor iedereen die iets heeft met het Hammond Orgel! Introduction While there is a reasonable amount of information available on the internet about the early days of Hammond in America, there is very little about the early history of Hammond in the UK. This piece is intended to shed a little light on the period and has been gleaned from research of remaining Hammond organs in the UK from that period, including contributions from owners and small snippets of information from internet sources as well as other verbal anecdotal evidence from Hammond enthusiasts in the UK.

Please do get in contact with me if you feel you can add any information to this info. Early exports Hammond in the USA moved incredibly quickly from prototype and initial production in , into export markets, with evidence of exports in

the winter of ’74 -’75 as well as the summer of ’75 at Hammond and Oak Grove. yg/m3 and yg/m3 respectively at Monarch Creek (yg/m3 = micro-gramic per reservation rights for water for National Forest purposes, dating from ,​.

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Great albums for the Hammond organ enthusiast

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Sebastien Huot. Optically stimulated luminescence dating OSL in awkward places; what is doable in tectonically active environments. T1 – Optically stimulated luminescence dating OSL in awkward places; what is doable in tectonically active environments. N2 – Luminescence OSL dating is a technique able to measure the time elapsed since the last exposure to sunlight, hence the burial age of sediment.

It has a wide range of application in geology. A key obstacle for dating, here, is an effect called “partial bleaching”. At “time zero”, when the sediment is for the last time eroded, transported and buried, the luminescence age of this sediment has to be zero. If not, then the calculated age for a buried sediment will appear as too old, older than what should be expected. This is an issue that will be explained during the presentation.

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The captain’s model guide. About this guide This is a quick guide to Leslie speaker models suited for Hammond organs. This document is meant as a reference for when you are browsing the classifieds or eBay and is not meant to list every little detail about the speakers. Some models are covered elsewhere on this website, often in detail and with pictures. About the background The background is Leslie finish ‘Oak No 20’.

Generally, the organ date can be bracketed into 4 years, (, , , 69​) as each of these year groups has a definite sound caused by Hammond.

The Freshman Class contains musicians of many different musical styles and genres, reaching back to the s and continuing through to the present day. His career started in church, but quickly moved to the nightclubs of Oklahoma City. The Jazz world quickly took note, but it was Rock that made him a Hammond star. His own groups Trinity and Oblivion Express further showed the Hammond sound could be the core of a successful band.

His 27 albums were best-sellers from the 50s into the 70s and inspired many to add a Hammond to their household. We think nothing today of outrageously dressed Guitar heroes, but in the s it was the fabulous vision of Ethel Smith at the Hammond Organ that thrilled audiences on stage and screen with her over-thetop fashion and blistering technique at the keyboard. She was essential in popularizing the Hammond Organ.

Primarily known as one of the Fathers of Jazz Piano, few know he began his musical career as a theatre Organist.

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A – best in its class “The best B-3’s are A’s” – now what does this statement mean? It points to the fact that a Hammond A organ is in fact the exact same organ as the legendary B-3, and then some. The cabinets of the A models were all, with one exception, tailored for home use: No locking top, built-in speakers and reverb, and a wider selection of wood finishes and stylings.

Also, the slimmer profile of the A cabinet especially the ‘plain Jane’ A model is prefered over the B-style cabinet for taking on the road. A quick history review The first A organs were produced in

Two years ago, Hammond-Suzuki introduced the ‘New B3’ organ, which proved to from the original Hammond keyboard design dating back nearly 80 years!

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When you came to prefer the hammond organ company records chicago history museum plus a manufacturer of how to help determine, chat or. Email, put his. A hammond organ, was initially compiled by bevispeters, created by laurens hammond ao conversion.

How to Find Out How Old My Hammond Organ Is?

To help determine the manufacturing date of Hammond organs and Leslie speakers. Use this form if you would like to submit your Hammond Organ for inclusion in these tables. When you hit the “Submit” button you will see a message advising “Update Successful”. Your information will be placed in a holding area for review and added to the age list after acceptance. To include a Leslie speaker or Hammond Tone Cabinet see the bottom of this page.

Hoodoo Man dates from their heavy rock period, and check out the Hammond organ work on this album! I really like that keyclick style he does here, something​.

The Hammond organ, created by a company of the same name, was originally intended for use in churches during the s, but by the late s it had become associated with rock, blues and jazz. A simple dictionary definition of the instrument is “an electric organ with two keyboards, electronic tone generation, and a wide variety of tone colors. Use the Tonewheel General Hospital website to check the age of your organ by comparing Electronics Industry Codes located on the organ to those on the list.

According to Tonewheel: “Thanks to the Electronics Industry Association EIA codes conveniently placed on them by the manufacturer, many individual components can be dated to the year and week of production. To identify the location of the EIA codes check the tubes or valves. Examine each tube and write down the number codes located on them. Refer to the Tonewheel General Hospital website and compare the numbers to the tubes section.

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Photo: Mark Ewing. Hammond’s ‘New B3’ was the best-ever digital emulation of an electro-mechanical organ, but at over 15, pounds, it didn’t come cheap. Fortunately, the XK3 puts the New B3’s sound engine into a much more affordable package Two years ago, Hammond-Suzuki introduced the ‘New B3’ organ, which proved to offer the closest ever digital reproduction of the original Hammond B3 organ’s sonic and performance characteristics see my review in SOS July

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Hanert [1] and first manufactured in Around 2 million Hammond organs have been manufactured, and it has been described as one of the most successful organs ever. Tonewheel organs generate sound by shaped mechanical wheels, that rotate in front of electromagnetic pickups. Each tonewheel assembly creates tones with low harmonic content, close to a sine wave. Inside the coil is a permanent magnet. As the profile of the tonewheel pass by, the strength of the magnetism changes—when the highest part is closest to the tip of the magnet, the magnetism is strongest.

As the magnetism varies, that induces an alternating current AC in the coil, which becomes one of the frequencies used in harmonic synthesis. Two models in Church-styled cabinet were made under military specifications, and named G G for “Government contract”, with chorus , and G-2 with vibrato , to be installed in chapels and officer’s messes of U. Army and Navy. Vacuum tube musical instruments mean electronic musical instruments generating sound with vacuum tube -based electronic oscillators.

Hammond Organ Company commercialized it in the lates as Novachord — and Solovox — Especially, new designs introduced on Novachord — subtractive synthesis and frequency divider — were immediately followed by many manufacturers of electronic organs and polyphonic synthesizers during the ss. However, Hammond Organ Company did not adopt these on main products until the lates, except for S series chord organ — and “Solo Pedal Unit” on RT series and D —

How to date your Hammond Console

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The relative that did play it is no longer with us, but it did play last time she was here.

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It is not unusual to have situations where a new Hammond Organ owner may not readily be able to identify the instrument he or she has. This page has been designed to help individuals find the model and serial number plate on the Hammond Organ instrument. Also one might make a determination by comparing to a picture of a unit or one might eliminate a model possibility just by looking at a picture. There are gaps in the representations shown below. We will try to fill the gaps as time goes on.

We would be thankful and honored to include in our identification section a picture from you of any of the models that are missing. They are identified and are without picture above the model. Just e-mail the picture,as an attachment, to us. Thanks in advance for your help and assistance. As this section expands there will probably be some more instruments that we will not be able to come up with a suitable photograph for.

Hammond XK3 / XLK3 & Leslie 2121/2101

This is one of the most commonly asked questions, and unfortunately, due to the lack of available factory records on production dates, one of the most difficult to answer. There is some help available however:. Bevis Peters , and is currently maintained by Rick Prevallet. It is basically a list of dates and serial numbers for various Hammond and Leslie models. It also provides guidelines to determine, generally, the age of a Hammond, based on certain features and characteristics that changed throughout the model history.

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By progfan updated over 2 years ago. I’ve done a Great Mellotron Album lists, how about one with Hammond organ playing that blew me away and are essential to your collection. Brian Auger is certainly one of the great Hammond organ players, in my opinion I don’t think he did better than he did on this album Streetnoise. This is the debut by this German group featuring female vocalist Inga Rumpf.

Organist Jean Jacques Kravetz really lays it on the Hammond organ, frequently playing like there’s no tomorrow. So much has been focused on Ian Anderson’s flute playing that people tend to forget about the rest of the band. John Evans really puts out the finest Hammond organ playing he ever did on a Tull album, given his Hammond organ playing often tended to be more subdued in favor of the piano.

Make no doubt about Vincent Crane’s fine organ playing on this album! Pretty much helped defined s Hammond organ playing in the world of prog and hard rock! I chose this, their second album, as this is considered their best.

Tymkrs Hammond M3 Organ Baby B3