The TaCo romance seems to be heating up! So just how did Taylor Swift meet her rumored new beau, Conor Kennedy? His grandmother, Ethel Kennedy reveals she didn’t play matchmaker, as some sources are speculating, but the legendary family’s matriarch has given the pair her approval. Robert F. Kennedy told reporters at a Television Critics Association event, when asked about the possibility of the country superstar becoming a part of her family quote via E! Kennedy explained how her family’s association with the year-old singer-songwriter began. She’s awesome. After that initial meeting, Taylor’s interaction with the family continued, as she walked the red carpet of the “Ethel” premiere at the Sundance Film Festival with the film’s subject. Then, in July came the announcement that the singer-songwriter will be recognized by the Robert F.

Taylor Swift Appears To Be Dating Conor Kennedy

A member of the Kennedy clan who once dated pop starlet Taylor Swift was arrested outside an Aspen nightclub early Thursday. John Conor Kennedy, the grandson of Robert Kennedy, was allegedly involved in a scuffle outside the ritzy ski town’s Bootsy Bellows nightclub at about a. According to Kennedy, as well as his father Robert Kennedy Jr. The elder Kennedy told The Aspen Times that his son initially received an apology, however he said some of the clubgoers again used the slur against Conor’s friend as they left the establishment.

Police say Kennedy and another man were fighting in the street and rolling on the ground when officers tried to separate them.

Perhaps Taylor Swift should have taken her own advice and calmed down while dating Conor Kennedy. According to Us Weekly, the.

Every year between and , and then from onwards, at least one Kennedy family member has held federal elective office. Maria Shriver, for example, the daughter of Sargent Shriver and Eunice Kennedy, married Arnold Schwarzenegger and their daughter, Katherine Schwarzegger, might be one day be headed down the aisle with Chris Pratt. And the next generation of Millennial Kennedy scions are taking the social scene by storm, including Jack Schlossberg , who attended the Met Gala with his mother, Caroline Kennedy, in Here, on what would have been John F.

Kennedy, Jr. Kennedy lost two other children early in life, Arabella and Patrick. Caroline Kennedy married her husband, the designer, author, and artist Edwin Schlossberg in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts in They had three children together, Rose, Tatiana, and Jack. He bears a resemblance to her late brother, John F.

The 17 men Taylor Swift has written about in her songs

Taylor Swift really has a thing for the Kennedy clan — aka the American version of Camelot — and the latest buzz is that the ‘Mean’ hitmaker is now dating Conor Kennedy, son of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Rumors abounded earlier this summer that Swift singer was casually dating Arnold’s son Patrick Schwarzenegger, also the son of Maria Shriver, who is a part of the Kennedy family. However, it appears that was false, and perhaps she’s actually cozying up to the late RFK’s year-old grandson.

Whether she and Conor are together or not, the mega-promotional tour certainly doesn’t leave much time for cuddling and Next: Who Has Taylor Swift Dated?

I don’t know about you, but I’m still having trouble wrapping my mind around the fact that Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are dating — or, at least, that it seems that way. After photos of the two of them together looking pretty romantic surfaced last week, this new couple has been all over social media, mostly in the form of some of my favorite memes that have ever existed. But at the same time, Swift’s new alleged love has inspired a lot of talk about her past relationships, and not all of it is nice.

So who has Swift dated? Like, for real, without all that misogynistic exaggeration? A small collection of guys that most of us have probably crushed on at some point in our lives, if we’re being honest. I don’t know how easy it will be to move on from how adorable she and Calvin Harris were together, but apparently, Hiddleswift is where it’s at these days, and we can all try to get used to it together. And when you consider the other men she’s spent time with in the past, the fact that they’re together makes a little more sense.

Here’s who Swift’s actually dated — as in, the relationships she’s talked about and confirmed. Haters to the left, please! Swift and Jonas dated in , a time when a lot of us me included were super obsessed with the Jonas Brothers at the height of their fame. As adorable as they were together, it just wasn’t meant to be — probably because they were both constantly traveling and they were teenagers, aka at an age where stable relationships aren’t exactly anybody’s specialty.

Immortalized! Taylor Swift’s Exes Are All Permanently Embedded In Pop Music History

Fill out the form below, or call us at Before she became a household name, Taylor Swift was just a teenage singer-songwriter with teardrops on her guitar. She had stars in her eyes and a wide-open heart that would eventually be broken even more than her wistful music suggested.

Kennedy’s year-old grandson, Conor Kennedy. Sources tell the Post that Taylor rented a house on the compound last weekend in Hyannis.

For years while we’ve been belting out Taylor Swift’s eerily-similar-to-our-own-life breakup anthems to get over the average Joe’s we’ve dated, the country crooner turned pop star has successfully dated a slew of Hollywood heartthrobs. The ‘Reputation’ singer has been linked to musicians and movie stars alike and has a penchant for memorialising her fallen relationships in lyrical form.

Here’s a look, in order, of all the men Taylor has dated, and which of her songs are about the romance. The country crooner’s songs ‘Last Kiss’ and ‘Forever and Always’ is believed to have been written about her breakup with Jonas, while ‘Holy Ground’ is a later, more positive perspective on the short-lived romance. Taylor and Hollywood heartthrob Lucas Till dated for only a matter of months in , after Lucas played the next-door neighbour in Taylor’s ‘You Belong With Me’ music video.

But, there was no friction because we were too nice,” he told MTV. The two met when they co-starred as high school sweethearts in the romantic comedy Valentine’s Day. It was a really lousy thing for her to do. The girl in the dress, cried the whole way home, I should’ve known,” he sings. And for the worst reason. Rumour has it the couple’s year age gap just wasn’t working so Jake called it quits. In the first verse, Swift makes this fascinating claim: ” Left my scarf there at your sister’s house.

Owl City’s Adam Young never officially dated Taylor, with things never escalating past some emails and one face-to-face meeting. Taylor was so excited to meet Young that she later wrote the song ‘Enchanted’ about him.

Conor Kennedy

Subscriber Account active since. The year-old singer is currently in a relationship with actor Joe Alwyn. With the singer heading on tour to promote her latest hit album, ” Reputation ,” we’re taking a look back at her past relationships. Here’s an examination of Swift’s most famous exes and what they’re up to now. Swift was open about the their breakup, revealing that he broke up with her over a second phone call.

Taylor Swift has made some questionable choices when it comes to her dating history, but now the year-old singer has a sage matchmaker.

By Daily Mail Reporter. And now friends close to Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy are blaming the split on the singer getting too serious too fast. Insiders says Taylor – who at 22 is four years older than Conor – freaked the year-old by coming on too strong – and because of her apparent obsession with his famous family. Scroll down for video Summer romance over: Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy have split after a three-month fling, pictured here in August in Massachusetts. The friend also said that Taylor was obsessed with the Kennedy family – and was living out a fairytale with Conor.

Earlier on Thursday Us Weekly reported the pair had split. Although sources the website spoke to seemed to suggest their parting was rather more amicable. Sit down chat: Taylor pre-recorded an interview with Katie Couric on Monday before news of her love split, with the interview set to air on Friday on ABC. Neighbours: Taylor is apparently still pressing ahead with plans to buy a house next to the Kennedy compound in Massachusetts.

A close friend of Swift’s is quoted as telling the website: ‘They quietly parted ways a while ago. It was just a distance thing. No hard feelings. They’re fine.

Presenting: A Quick Refresher on Taylor Swift’s Complete Dating History

As a country pop darling-turned-“Reputation”-slayer, Taylor Swift has certainly become known for writing songs about the ghosts of boyfriends past. So let’s play a familiar game: Which song is about which of Taylor’s ex’s? We plowed through some of Swift’s biggest hits and matched the lyrics to 13 of Swift’s high-profile reported former relationships.

Dating a Kennedy, never mind marrying one, is fraught with peril. Rebecca Dana compiles history’s lessons on the subject.

Rag Time is a bi-weekly media investigation of a single celebrity story that’s vastly more in-depth than you ever thought you needed. This week: the patrician origins of Taylor Swift’s formerly annual July 4th party. By now, you have probably heard about her kerfuffle with Scooter Braun , the mega-manager who recently closed a deal to buy Swift’s former label, Big Machine, and thus, her masters. But aside from that, it seems that every year around this time, Swift becomes a dominant force in celebrity gossip.

That, I believe, is by design. In the not so distant past, Taylor Swift hosting a blowout annual July 4th party was a given. How did that come to be? Perhaps you have forgotten the short, strange summer of , when a thenyear-old Swift romanced a teenage Kennedy scion during a series of visits to the family compound on Cape Cod. Our story begins with … a documentary about Ethel Kennedy. Well, it turns out that Swift had previously reached out to the family as a fan.

Six months before their 4th of July party, she attended a Sundance screening of Ethel , a documentary about the octogenarian Ethel Kennedy, wife of the late Bobby Kennedy.

It’s a Love Story! See Taylor Swift’s Complete Dating History

The Guardian pointed out that young Schwarzenegger is much out of his league with Swift; nevertheless, the large gulf between them might not stop the two from dating in the near future. Well it appears that Conor Kennedy has earned less credential that even Patrick Schwarzenegger has. Whereas you could at least find a Wikipedia write up on Patrick, Conor has not been added to their index.

Conor, who just recently turned 18, is the grandson of Robert F.

Here’s Who Taylor Swift Has Dated As far as what’s publicly known about Swift’s relationship with Conor Kennedy, they only dated for a few.

According to Us Weekly who tapped an anonymous source , it’s possible that the ‘Red’ superstar and her Kennedy boyfriend have called it quits after a few months of intense dating. Of course, when someone dishes celebrity gossip without attaching their name to the report, we question their statement. But Us Weekly claims that an anonymous source and close friend of Swift’s has confirmed that she and Kennedy are on the outs. No hard feelings.

They’re fine. But would the year-old country crossover — who is notorious for wearing her emotions on her musical sleeve — really be “fine” if the breakup rumors are true? Swift’s brand new album is chock-full of songs written in the aftermath of bad breakups, and some of them are kind of angsty.

Here’s what 9 of Taylor Swift’s exes have been up to since they dated the pop superstar

Are they never, ever, ever getting back together? Taylor Swift and beau Conor Kennedy have officially parted ways, a source close to the bubbly singer confirmed to Us Weekly. The pair, who first sparked rumors of a summer romance in late July, have been growing apart in recent weeks and, according to the source, distance ultimately put a damper on the relationship.

Conor dated Taylor Swift in the summer of The two even crashed the wedding of Conor’s cousin Kyle, which garnered headlines especially after her.

Kennedy, Jr.. Taylor returned to the Kennedy home on Friday for the second time in a month, and a number of recent photos showing the beautiful blonde with Conor Kennedy. The young singer was seen enjoying a pizza with teenagers 18 years, while other photos show Taylor put his hand on the back Conor. The couple also sailed together, whereas in the other photographs, Conor put his hand on her waist look Grammy-winning when they come out of a docked ship.

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Taylor Swift’s Most Popular Songs About Conor Kennedy

While it remains to be seen what future No. In the famous photos of Taylor and Jake walking arm-in-arm through Central Park in the winter of , she’s wearing his scarf. So, when the actor playing Taylor’s ex in the video for this song handed her a scarf, fans immediately assumed it was written about Jake. Plus, Taylor and Jake were photographed on a dinner date, days after their split in January

According to recent reports, Swift was so in awe of the Kennedy clan that she sought matriarch Ethel’s approval before dating Conor. “Taylor is.

When it comes to celebrities with complicated love lives, Taylor Swift most definitely tops the list — and her dating history is proof! Thankfully, as of , Taylor and her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn , seem happier than ever. The A-list pair quietly began dating in Since day one, Taylor and the U. So much so, it took Joe nearly two years to publicly mention his relationship with the Pennsylvania native.

See, Taylor is all about putting her real-life experiences in her music. In fact, several of her ex-boyfriends are subtly or not-so-subtly referenced in a number of her tracks. Taylor technically never dated Drew. However, he was her first high school crush. They were together from July until October , when he dumped her over the phone!

In August , the pair welcomed their first child , a daughter named Willa.

Taylor Swift: I Fall In and Out of Love Easily