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QUIZ: How well do you know these Asian power couples?

For a long time, I thought that Asian heartthrob Bae Yong Joon will remain as an unattainable bachelor for the rest of his life. So it was actually a very pleasant surprise when news got around last May that he just got engaged to Kpop starlet Park Soo Jin. This lovely couple only met last year after Soo Jin signed under KeyEast Entertainment, the same agency that manages Yong Joon and also wherein he is a major shareholder.

The two shared a lot of common interests, such as playing golf and tasting of fine wines.

Co-produced by Bae Yong Joon, who also appeared in the drama and the dream story Prajuab refuses to do so, as he wishes to marry his girlfriend, “Pranee”.

News of Bae dating probably made a lot of middle-aged Japanese women sad. The woman Bae has been dating is said to be a daughter of a well-known, wealthy Korean businessman. She is reportedly 14 years younger than him. According to Nikkan Sports, she has lived in the U. The actor previously dated a Korean female movie director, Lee Sa-gang, but the couple broke up in News Korea North Korea U.

Hallyu is the new Hollywood

This is a huge piece which took four years just to complete the screenplay, then a further two years for filming and editing. The total production cost is the highest for a historical drama in China, at a staggering 2. With more than , extras, and special effects by staff from “The Lord of the Rings”, historic and epic battles such as “Battle of Red Cliff” and “Battle of Guandu” are depicted in extraordinary images.

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KeyEast Entertainment revealed that the year-old’s relationship had ended but declined to disclose specifics, citing privacy reasons. Bae, who shot to international stardom with box-office hits like Winter Sonata and April Snow, was first spotted by Japanese media outlet Nikkan Sports on dates with Koo in shopping districts near Tokyo in December South Korean media outlets quickly followed up on the news. Reports soon surfaced that Bae and Koo had been in a relationship since September KeyEast Entertainment initially denied all knowledge of the relationship before confirming the rumours.

The management agency, however, remained tight-lipped throughout the duration of their romance. There were renewed speculation about the couple in May last year, when rumours circulated that Bae was planning to tie the knot in June, which was fiercely denied by the actor’s management agency. Koo, born in , reportedly struggled over differences in social status with Bae, born in She graduated from New York’s Syracuse University with a marketing degree before attaining a master’s degree in international trade from Korea University.

Some of her relatives oppose her relationship with Bae, whom they believe is trying to scale the social ladder,” Japanese tabloid magazine Josei Seven reported in July, citing an unnamed South Korean newspaper journalist.

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Tai-Jun accepts but unexpectedly stumbles into hotel acquisition expert Shin Dong-Hyuk, who is hired by Enterpriser Kim to help take over the hotel. Jin-Young herself has mixed feelings about this romantic triangle. What will be their ultimate desire? Skip to main content.

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Actually smart, if you think about it But it’s time he does something else. Anyway, this news doesn’t really affect me much He doesn’t even do any work because of that. The problem was Hyeri was 20years old korean age when she dated Tony. She just graduated high school. Love him so much in Hotelier! Well he can’t do another drama because production companies can’t afford him. Watching Winter Sonata he is the most charming man.

But you see him now and he just seems like a man who hasn’t grown up and keeps living in his past glory. I think he is the highest paid Korean star ever. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a 27 year old dating a guy in his late 30s. But how old was Hyeri when that so called relationship happened?

Actor Bae Yong-joon breaks up with lover

Tips for enjoying summer despite the pandemic. Not wearing a mask is not an option Part 2. Masks hold images of pandemic, Hong Kong protests.

KEYEAST is the management company founded by actor Bae Yong-joon. Reports say Kim will team up with his cousin, filmmaker Lee Sa-rang.

The news of Bae’s romantic relationship with the year-old woman has drawn more attention in Japan than in South Korea because he has a larger following in Japan. Bae, who gained huge popularity across Asia for his role in the hit drama series “Winter Sonata,” is ranked among the richest local entertainers, as he is the major shareholder his entertainment company, Keyeast. The actor previously dated South Korean female movie director Lee Sa-gang.

The couple broke up in Issue Keywords. Most Viewed All Categories. Most Viewed Photos. Next Actor Bae Yong-joon breaks up with lover. Main Article Right Now. Korea to restrict operations of eateries, coffee chains in greater Seoul over pandemic. New virus cases drop below , enhanced antivirus curbs to take place in greater Seoul area.

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Bae Yong Joon’s dating rumor turned out to be Write: / Update: The bnt news provides the latest news coming.

Dong-wook and Gong Yoo are idolized much like Hollywood stars by Filipino fans, underscoring how Hallyu, or Korean popular-culture wave, has grown by leaps and bounds since the start of the new millennium. Along with movies, cuisine and K-pop, K-dramas have made Korea a global cultural force. But overjoyed at finally finding her, the old man revives so that the two conspirators have to prolong further the charade enough for them to fall in love with each other.

Severely affected by the Asian financial crisis of , Korea stepped up the export of its cultural products. The timing was just right. The other Asian economies, also suffering from the crisis, were looking for cheaper cultural products to import than those coming from Japan, then as now, a global cultural powerhouse with its J-pop, anime and manga. Slick and stylish, K-dramas and K-pop are well-made and well-financed. Some of these chaebols in fact have businesses extending to the Korean entertainment industry, and government provides direction if not financial support, directly or indirectly, to the Korean cultural industry.

A historical drama would be more expensive: It could even be double the ordinary cost. Like Hollywood and the Philippines, Korean TV drama has become more and more the domain of the star system. Top stars may get as much as 65 percent of the budget, so that the rest of the cast and the production crew have to content themselves with the meager balance. And as in the Philippines, too, only the initial episodes would be pre-produced, and the rest shot and cobbled together while the series is already running.

Bae Yong Joon and his wife apologize for the special treatment their received for the first baby